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Film and Television Wardrobe Rental
Prop Weapons

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Period Armour

Fantasy Armour

Period Military

Period Clothing

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     Period Guns

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Entertainment Firearms Permit
New rules are in place regarding rental and pickup of firearms.

Lance, Coronels and Vamplates

Siege Artillery Engines

18th Century Naval Cannon


Roman and Greek Hand Weapons

Medieval Swords and Weapons


Tannenberg Hand Gonne




Kings Musketeer matchlock

Early Matchlock Caliver


1702 - 1714 Queen Anne pre-Long Land pattern English Musket

French 1728 Model Infantry Musket


Tulle fusil-de-chasse

1715 Brown Bess Musket


Brown Bess Carbine

1766 Charleville Flintlock


1777 Charleville Flintlock
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