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Viking helmet and shield


The Viking Age began in 793AD when a band of Scandinavians sacked the monastery at Lindisfarne.  It ended with the death of Harold Hardrada in 1066 at the battle of Stamford Bridge. This was an age of heroic journeys and great battles.

Viking helmets were probably worn only by the leading men and although the horned helmet is a modern myth, we have several to choose from.

Viking armor consisted of helmets, swords, shields, and chain mail or leather tunics.


Viking Style 1

Viking helmet

Viking Style 4



For defense, circular shields -  A typical shield was 24-36 inches in diameter.  They were made of wooden boards and had a central hole for an iron hand grip, which was riveted to the back of the boards.   Around 1000, the continental, kite shaped shield was introduced, which gave more protection for the legs.  

Our rental shields are made with pine boards or plywood 
with aluminum for theatrical purpose.


Viking Shield Style 2

Viking Shield Style 4


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