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ORDERING: An inquiry is not an order. All orders are to be in writing (no phone orders), We need a signed contract, correct measuring forms and a copy of the purchase order with correct billing address.   Orders must have form of payment and security deposit before costumes can be shipped.  Be clear on what costumes you need.  Please place orders at least (3) weeks in advance of your ship date. You will receive a confirmation of your order. Please order early!!

ADVANCED RESERVATIONS - The Suit of Armour/ Costume may be reserved up to six months in advance by leaving a deposit at the time of reservation.  A reservation means that Brian Bero Effects will not offer the reserved Suit of Armour/ Costume to anyone else on the agreed dates. 

RUSH ORDERS: Any order received (7) business days (M-F) or less before your ship date is 20% higher. You will be responsible for all shipping costs from and return to Los Angeles, California 

ARMOUR - All prices, unless specified, are for historically detailed versions, with standard wire brush finish and rust treated.  For more info click to view Historical vs. Costume

Ownership of Suits of Armour - The Suit of Armour/ Costume remains the property of Brian Bero Effects.  The hirer purchases only the limited right to use the Suit of Armour/ Costume for the agreed hire period.

Approximate Shipping Rates

A) Helmets & swords - about 10 lbs. each 
B) Full Suits - about 100 lbs

All prices are in U.S. DOLLARS  which is the majority of our business.  We accept: Production Checks, Bank Checks, Personal Checks (must wait 20 days to clear), Money Orders and International Money Orders.  All orders and rentals must be pre-paid.  Sorry, we cannot accept C.O.D.s.

We will confirm ALL orders by e-mail or phone.

TAX- Rentals are subject to the City of Los Angeles Transaction Tax of 9.75%.

ALTERATIONS AND CLEANING - We not perform any Alterations of costumes or props. Alterations of costumes or props are not allowed unless the client has a written approval from us to professionally alter a costume or prop.  Failure to comply will result in assessed fees (see Replacement Value).

All wardrobe (except armour) must be returned dry cleaned.  If they are not a dry cleaning service will be charged to the account. This is a 15% fee of the items rental cost, plus tax.  No exceptions.

CARE AND MAINTENANCE - Under no circumstances can smoking or eating be allowed while in costume since most permanent damage is a result of these activities. Should smoking or eating be required, we must be informed prior to rental and have written approval. Deodorants must be used; whereas, cologne, perfume or after-shave is forbidden since cleaning solvents cannot remove any of these. Women should be instructed in the proper use of trains.

All costumes must be returned in their original state. Failure to comply will result in assessed fees (see Replacement Value).

Lost or Damaged Suit of Armour - The hirer will pay Brian Bero Effects the replacement costs plus the reasonable cost of lost hires while the Suit of Armour/ Costume is unavailable of all hired Suits of Armour lost during the hire period through whatever cause. The Suits of Armour hired out by Brian Bero Effects are not to be used for combat purposes.

Suits of Armour/ Costumes are hired out undamaged. If the Suit of Armour/ Costume is found to be damaged on return Brian Bero Effects reserve the right to charge the hirer for all repair costs up to and including the replacement price of the Suit of Armour/ Costume plus the reasonable cost of lost hires while the Suit of Armour/ Costume is unavailable. 

Consequential losses- Although all reasonable care is taken to provide the hirer with Suits of Armour/ costumes of merchantable quality and to protect the wearer from harm Brian Bero Effects shall be in no circumstances liable for loss or injury or damage to property resulting from the using or wearing of Suits of Armour/ Costumes howsoever caused.

PERMANENT DAMAGE - Consist of any tears and rips in fabrics or furs; burns; dying or spray painting; gluing; perspiration or other stains; or, all other unacceptable alterations outlined above.

SECURITY DEPOSIT - A security deposit of $500 for each Suit of Armour and $300 per Costume  is also payable to Brian Bero Effects at the commencement of the hire period. This deposit shall be promptly refunded to the hirer upon return of the Suit of Armour/ Costume in good condition. The deposit shall not form part of the assets of Brian Bero Effects unless and until it is forfeited by the hirer failing to return the Suit of Armour/ Costume in good condition on or before the date agreed. If, after the agreed date, the Suit of Armour/ Costume is not returned, Brian Bero Effects reserves the right to keep the deposit plus the reasonable cost of lost hires through the Suit of Armour/ Costume not being available from the agreed date of return.

REPLACEMENT VALUE - The replacement value of costumes is based on current retail value. The rental rate may be only 1% to 2% of the actual value of non replaceable or antique items. The paid rental amount is not applicable to the replacement value.

CANCELLATIONS - In the event an order is canceled, a cancellation fee determined by the extent to which work on the order has progressed will be accessed. In no event shall this be less than 50% of the value of the order. If the order is ready at the time of cancellation, the charge is the full value of the order. Orders not claimed on the date scheduled are considered canceled. Policies and rates are subject to change without notice

RETURNING the Suit of Armour / Costume - The hirer is responsible for the costs of returning the Suit of Armour/ Costume to Brian Bero Effects on or before the date agreed.

LATE RETURNS - Costumes not returned on the specified date are subject to a late fee of 20% of the basic rental rate per day late.  Customers who do not return costumes will be prosecuted.

We can answer 95% of your questions with e-mail.  Also please have product information ready when placing phone orders. 

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