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The Lance

The lance is a pole weapon based on the pattern of the spear but adapted for mounted combat. The lance is perhaps most known as one of the foremost weapons used by european knights, but the use of lances were spread throughout the old world wherever mounts were available.

In Europe, lances for jousting were much different from the weapons used in war. In jousting lances, the tips would be blunt and the center of the lance could be designed to be hollow, in order for it to break on impact. In war, lances were much more like ordinary spears, long and balanced for one handed use.

This tournament "Heavy Lance" is late period historical shape and size (97" long) that connects to the interchangeable exchange piece (47" long), making a lance just over 12 feet long.  Made of wood, steel and rubber.  The lance is available with an optional coronel and Vamplate. Breakaway front piece also available.

The Coronels

During the "jousts of peace,"  knights used lances with blunt ends or with a coronel fitted to the lance. 
The main idea was for the jouster to break his own lance against his opponent. Our Coronels are made of 
urethane rubber.  Coronels for tilting at rings and the quintain are also available.

Closed fist style

Open style 1

Open style 2

Open style 3

The Vamplates

Black Prince Style

Style 2


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