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1100 to 1300 AD


The Crusades, also known as the Holy Crusades, were a series of military campaigns lasting from 1095-1291.  The crusades marked the birth of Knight mythology.  Chivalry, fighting for a cause and honor.  Mail sleeves became common, hauberk still common.   Helmets have basic face plates. Quilted aketons and other soft armor appear as cheaper alternatives to the mail hauberk in the 12th Century, covered with the surcoat.


King's Helm 1

King's Helm 2

Great Helm 1

Great Helm 2


Great Helm 3

Great Helm 4

Great Helm 5

Great Helm 6


Great Helm 7


Great Helm 8

Great Helm 9

Great Helm 10


Crusader Topf Helm 1

Sugarloaf Great Helm 1

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