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Available as a daily, weekly or monthly rental.
Custom systems are available. 
Located in Los Angeles, California

The "Cool Suit" or "Vest" is a personal thermal system, that is extremely thin and flexible, and can help you maintain your comfort level in both hot and cold environments. Our patented vest system is one of the most effective, efficient and user friendly personal heating/cooling systems available on the market today.

The cool suit  or climate controle system, has the ability to quickly charge and recharge the vest with hot water or cold water in 25 to 40 seconds without removing the garment.vp

The climate system is also suitable for any applications where the user could be subject to Dehydration, Hypothermia, or temperature related stress.  When used correctly this unique system can help prevent Heat Stress, Heat Exhaustion, or Heat Stroke.  This amazing Thermal Garment can help you stay cool by lowering your body core temperature, or stay worm by the same method.

Designed to minimize the thermal discomforts of working in extreme hot or cold environments, while providing one to four hours of thermal comfort, between recharges.

Without removing the vest, the coo suit can be charged or re-charged in 25 to 40 seconds by attaching the quick release bladder connectors to the vest from the pumping station tubes.

Provides evenly distributed thermo-regulatory comfort.

Eliminates the inconvenience and discomforts of traditional thermoregulatory PPE like ice or gel packs that require refrigeration or freezing, and bulky air recirculating equipment.

For more information please e-mail us at:   rentals@BrianBero.com


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