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M1885 & M1887 Enlisted Mounted 
Dress Coat


In 1885, the Army Uniform board made some slight changes to the 1872 dress coats. These included changing the collar to be entirely solid branch of service color and the belt loops were dropped. Also, the special trim design in the back of the skirt has been modified. 

The 1885 Cavalry dress coat is the same except the trim color is yellow. The 1872 lighter yellow trim color is used until 1887 when the darker shade was adopted. 
In 1885, new Chevrons for the Dress Coats were adopted by the Army uniform board. They were 1/2" gold lace on a branch of service wool backer, as seen in the photo at the left. Patterned from original specifications.

Light Artillery - Red Trim.
1885 Cavalry - Lemon Yellow Trim.
1887 Cavalry - Dark Yellow Trim.



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