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New California Department of Justice Requirements
for Weapons Rentals and Transfer

 New Permit Will Replace Current Background Check Routine

To provide for the expedient rental of firearms (those items regulated by the California Department of Justice and B.A.T.F.E.), the State of California has created a new Entertainment Firearms Permit. This permit will replace the practice of submitting a background check by fax (Entertainment Background Clearance Requests). As of 2005 you must have in your possession the new Entertainment Firearms Permit to rent firearms.  FFL holders are exempt, but please pass this information on.

You can obtain an application for an Entertainment Firearms Permit at the California Department of Justice (DOJ) Firearms Division website, www.ag.ca.gov/firearms, or by calling the Firearms Division at (916) 2634887.

The Steps You Need to Complete

   1.  Go to the website listed above.

   2.  Print a copy of the Entertainment Firearms Permit, Instructions, and 2 copies of Request for Live  Scan Services.

   3.  Go to www.ag.ca.gov/fingerprints to find a location near you that offers Live Scan fingerprint services, its hours of operation, and what their fee is. Fees vary by location. Pay close attention to the method of payment they will accept. Present yourself for fingerprinting.

   4.  The Live Scan operator will charge you for the DOJ fingerprint processing fee ($32), the FBI fingerprint processing fee ($24) and their Live Scan fee. (varies). The operator will also provide you with your Applicant Tracking Identifier (ATI ) number on your copy of the Request for Live Scan Fingerprint Service.

   5.  Enter your ATI number on the designated space of your Entertainment Firearms Permit application form. Submit the completed form with a $48 fee to the Department of Justice, Firearms Division-EFP, P.O. Box 820200, Sacramento, CA  94203-0200.

Complete details are available on the DOJ website listed above. Expect your EFP card in two weeks after you apply. Late applicants can expect to wait much longer. 

You will need an EFP card to rent weapons at any prop house in California.

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